As we get into December there will be many holiday themed parties and events with friends and family. This time of

year can be wonderful, filled with love and get togethers with those we don’t get to see all the time.

However, this time of year can also feel overwhelming and stressful for some. Some of us have to travel in the risky

weather, some of us have lost loved ones and this is a hard time of year, some feel financial stress around the

holidays. It is important to be respectful and help others in need where we can.

Holidays allow us to reflect on our lives and families. It’s a time when we can think about giving back to those less

fortunate than ourselves. We mentioned in last month’s bulletin that we are supporting the Giving Tree again this

year. Our office will match all donations made by our wonderful patients. We are excited to be able to help with gifts

to some local families and help bring joy to these homes on Christmas morning.

With holiday parties and gatherings, usually comes an increased consumption of sugary foods and alcohol. Stress,

sugar and alcohol can negatively affect our health in ways such as our sleep quality and amount, weight fluctuations

and our mood. It is almost impossible to avoid such things this time of year so just remember to enjoy everything in

moderation and stay hydrated!

How can we alleviate some of these holiday stress triggers?

1. Go outside for a walk/hike/snowshoe or cross country ski, or go tobogganing with the kids!

2. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages to parties, or plan for a safe ride home.

3. Eat well other times of the day/week and you won’t feel so bad having that Christmas cake or holiday cookie.

4. Get some exercise – shoveling snow counts!

5. Drink plenty of water.

6. Take some alone time, or time with immediate family, in between gatherings.

7. Stick to your boundaries! Don’t spread yourself too thin with family and friend obligations.

8. Budget gifts and stick to it; try secret Santa with family.

9. Use sugar alternatives in baking- stevia, agave, honey, maple syrup and fruit puree are all alternatives to

conventional processed sugar. Natural sweeteners are much sweeter than conventional sugar and therefore

you need to use less to get the same effect in foods. Natural sweeteners are also lower on the glycemic index

and don’t spike blood sugar in the same way.

10. Be grateful! There can be a lot going on this time of year, but just remember to be grateful for the friends and

family we have around us.

In true holiday fashion, we’ll leave you with a holiday poem, courtesy of Dr. Hubbel:

T’was the day before Christmas but there was no cheer.

No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer.

The word had gotten out that Santa was sick.

There’d be no friendly visit from jolly St. Nick.

The people were sad; no gaiety sounded.

For Christmas had come, but Santa was grounded.

He limped down the street wondering what should he do?

When the sign said D.C., ….it was too good to be true .

Now Santa was not one to like a new tactic,

but all else had failed: So he’d try Chiropractic.

He entered the clinic and saw at a glance,

In a place such as this, illness hasn’t a chance.

The people were smiling, the music was snappy.

With all of the patients contented and happy.

In a very short time, to judge by the clock,

He was in the adjustment room talking to “Doc”.

“Oh, Doc take a look at the size of this pack!

Have you any idea what it does to my back?”

Poor Santa was miserable, just barely able,

with the help of the doctor, to get onto the table.

The doctor was gentle, without fuss or tussle.

She examined the vertebrae and relaxed every muscle.

She spotted the trouble and then with a click,

She started aligning the spine of St. Nick.

In no time at all, he felt no aches or pains.

He picked up his pack and grabbed the reins.

The air was a’tingle with new fallen snow,

And healthy Kris Kringle was rarin’ to go.

(Editor’s note: If your Santa needs help, please tell him

where to go!)

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hubbel & Johnston