It is time for our favourite parts of 2023! Let’s hear what everyone in the office has to say about this year and what

they are looking forward to in 2024.

Julie enjoyed travelling to New Brunswick to visit friends, going on a fun scavenger hunt and whale watching. She

was also able to travel out west to Calgary for her nephew’s wedding in November.

Myranda enjoyed getting to know and train her miniature Schnauzer puppy, Winnie and seeing the joy she brings to

her family, including their more senior dog Ariel. Another highlight was “helping” her brother Brayden build a snow

fort back in March (she ended up doing all the work of course while Brady supervised). Brady very much enjoyed the

fort! Looking back, there are a lot of memories she will cherish for him.

Louise had a fantastic 2023! She has been trying activities outside her comfort zone; life is what you make of it! She

was in 2 plays this year, The Sound of Music and Blue Birds , with the Victoria Operetta Society. Watch out for her in

The Wizard of Oz in the New Year!

Carleigh was proud that she stuck with her word of the year- Pivot. She worked on herself, challenging herself with

charity races and obstacle courses all while finding more balance as a working mom of two very active kids.

Carolyn is very excited to share that she is going to become a Grandma in March 2024! She very much enjoyed

challenging herself with the team at the mud girl run in June.

Karen is thankful for having a healthy 2023. She was able to surprise Dr. Hubbel with a former staff member this

November, when Kim Schonhoffer dropped in for a visit.

Dr Johnston enjoyed travelling to Florida with her family in June 2023 and getting her new puppy, ‘Storm’ in early

November. Storm has been such a delight in the family, the girls absolutely love her!

Dr Leguard had an amazing year with her family and friends, travelled with her family, celebrated one of her best

friend’s wedding in Roatan, Honduras, visited friends for long weekends across Canada. She had a very successful

knee surgery and had a great second year in practice. A big focus this year was learning how to run the practice,

soaking up everything she can from Dr. Grandpa!

Dr Hubbel had another great year, just still being able to show up at the office to care for longtime patients. He

always enjoys chatting with former patients who are now cared for by Dr Leguard or Dr Johnston. All is good!