Have you ever noticed the pillows that are available in our clinic? We sell Water Pillows, which have a water-tight chamber that you fill with water, covered with a fibre “pillow”.

The ideal pillow gives your neck and head support in order to keep your neck neutral with the rest of your spine when you are lying on your back or sides. The problem is that every person is a slightly different size, and the height at which your head should be lying is different for every person. The reason that we love these water pillows is because they are very customizable in terms of the height of the pillow. You can put a specific amount of water into the chamber to increase or decrease the height of the pillow. 

Please always remember to use a measuring cup to put water into your pillow, as you will then know how much water in the chamber gives you the height that you like. Dr. Leguard often encourages patients to take selfies with their new water pillows so that they can tell if their neck is in line with their spine when lying on their sides. Pillows cost $55, and can be purchased with our front desk staff. 

Carleigh’s son, Roger, recently has been having some trouble with his neck while he sleeps, and has adopted the use of a water pillow. Carleigh reports that he brings it with him even when he is trying to get into bed with Mom and Dad. If that isn’t a great testimonial, we don’t know what is!