June is the month of graduation and celebration in our clinic! Carleigh’s eldest son, Roger, will be graduating from senior kindergarten at the end of the month. Louise’s youngest son, Cody, will be graduating from East Northumberland Secondary School (ENSS) on June 28th. We are also looking forward to the graduations of both Ainsley and Chloe Leguard (previous members of our team at the clinic, granddaughters of Dr. Hubbel and sisters of Dr. Leguard), who are each graduating from Western University. Ainsley will graduate on June 23rd from Western’s Faculty of Law, while Chloe will graduate from Western with a degree in Economics and Accounting on June 19th of this year.

As a gauge of our global economic climate, you may notice the price of Traumacare has increased in our clinic. The large, 100g tubes now cost $35, while the smaller 50g tubes now cost $25. (a big savings there, however).  Our previous supplier is no longer carrying the product, and we are selling the tubes  to you at cost.  Also, we  had not changed the price of our 50g tubes since about 2015… and with Julie and Dr. Leguard’s extensive market research, we still are selling the tubes for cheaper than any chain retailer around and we are still working on it!

Our June MudGirl race at Dagmar ski resort is approaching quickly, on Saturday, June 24th.  Watch for a donation jar on our front reception desk, with all proceeds going towards Breast Cancer research. We will again be having our patients vote who you think will get the muddiest,  who will be the most enthusiastic, and who will have the biggest wipeout? Who’s strength will surprise you? Who will complain the least?  Complain the most?  Have the most team spirit? 

You may notice Dr. Hubbel is looking about 20 years younger in his baseball caps… it is true he is very trendy, but he is donning his new headwear after a recent dermatological procedure left him with a bandage on his head. Dr. Hubbel reports the minor operation went well, and luckily he did not lose much hair in the process. 

Dr. Leguard is having surgery on June 28th. Her ACL (knee ligament) has healed well, but her meniscus needs to be repaired. Unfortunately, this is one of the few knee injuries that can’t be managed with chiropractic care and strengthening. She will be having surgery in Peterborough, with Dr. Dobson, who reconstructed her other ACL twelve  years ago. Dr. Leguard will be returning to the office tentatively on July 19th. In the meantime, both Dr. Johnston and Dr. Hubbel will be seeing her patients during her recovery. A forced “vacation” for Dr. Leguard also allows for some of our staff to take some extra time off this summer, so you will see more or less of some staff members during this time.  Through all of this, we intend all of you to receive the proper care you are accustomed to.