Happy August! Things are back into the normal(ish) flow in our clinic. Both Myranda and Julie are taking vacation in the first week of August, and Carleigh will be taking another week later on in the month. Dr. Leguard’s knee surgery went exceedingly well, and she is back to her normal hours at our clinic. In her June 27th surgery, her surgeon only had to repair one side of her meniscus (the cartilage in her knee), and her ACL had healed on its own. Fantastic news, as she is now working to strengthen her knee again, without much pain or limitation. 

Our clinic will be closed on Monday, August 7th for the August long weekend, and on Monday, September 4th for the Labour Day long weekend. 

You will see a familiar face in our office this summer- Dr. Leguard’s youngest sister and Dr. Hubbel’s granddaughter, Chloe Leguard, will be helping out on Thursday afternoons for the remainder of the summer before she returns to Western University to start her first year of law school, as well as serving at the Mill for the summer.

We got to celebrate Carolyn’s four year office anniversary on July 22nd, and get to celebrate Julie’s 3 year anniversary on August 4th and Carleigh’s 3 year anniversary on August 12th. To top that all off, Chloe’s birthday is August 10th, and  Julie’s is August 15th. August is a very exciting month for our team!

Ainsley Leguard begins her career as an (almost) lawyer, articling at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt in Toronto, which is a full service corporate commercial law firm, in the first few weeks of August. Please wish her luck as she begins this exciting journey! After her year of articling, she will be “called to the bar” and we can officially call her a lawyer.  She passed her two bar exams just recently.

Dr. Johnston’s two daughters, Alexandria and Isla, are enjoying their summertime. Both Alexandria and Isla are playing soccer this year, and Alexandria just lost her first tooth! Carleigh’s kids, Roger and Delores are enjoying their summer. Roger’s birthday is upcoming on August 23rd, and Delores prepares to start Junior Kindergarten next month!

When you call our office (especially first thing in the morning) and don’t get an answer, it is likely because one of our staff is already on the phone with another patient. We would like to invite you to leave a message instead of calling again, because our staff will see your call almost immediately and will get back to you quickly.