More new clinic changes in February!  A new desk in the consultation and examination room, big changes to the front desk, coat rack and a new kitchen to boot!  These changes will provide more space and better flow throughout our office. Things will start to settle down on the renovation front… but you’ll have to ask the catalyst of all of these changes, Dr. Hubbel, (who simply does what the ladies suggest!)  Enjoy this photo of Dr. Hubbel and Karen putting together the puzzle of the century – an IKEA drawer set!!!

Looking into March, we will be celebrating Dr. Hubbel’s birthday on March 10th, Karen’s on March 16th, and Dr. Leguard’s on March 26th. Did you know Drs. Hubbel and Leguard are almost exactly 60 years apart in age?! 

Dr. Hubbel will celebrate his 63rd year of chiropractic March 4th. Dr. Leguard will be away from the office March 6 to 13, to take part in her best friend’s wedding in Roatan, Honduras. A very exciting month indeed! 

In terms of staff development, we recently watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special “The Call to Courage” which discusses courage in situations where you cannot control the outcome, and vulnerability as a tool in building relationships. We’d recommend this to all of you as an interesting watch. This month, staff are learning more about the Vagus nerve, which is a nerve in your body that helps you to either “rest and digest” or go into “fight or flight”. This learning is led by Myranda, who has a special interest in the subject.