Happy New Year! We are always thankful to have you in our clinic and trusting us with your health.  Here’s to another healthy and happy year!  We will continue to do our very best for you.  

A few housekeeping items… 

As our clinic continues to grow and we get busier, we are encouraging patients to interact with our front desk staff only once during each visit. What this means in practice is that you schedule your next visit and pay for your visit at the same time. Thank you for your flexibility in adopting this system.

Our beloved town of Cobourg periodically turns into an icy arctic tundra, which means that coats, hats and boots should be removed in the front entranceway. Thanks for helping us in keeping our floors (and doctors) dry, and treatment rooms free of moisture and winter layers. 

New year… new renovations! Hygienist Dee-Ann Yorki has moved on and we are happy to have the extra space. Renovations are under way for us to fully utilize that space. Stay tuned. 

Holiday news… 

Our holiday fundraiser to support a few children from “The Giving Tree” went incredibly well this year. Our initial plan to support two children was modified with our amazing patient support- we raised so much money that we bought gifts for 3 children plus extra gift cards for the Giving Tree, and donated the rest of the money to local charities that help families out through the holidays.

Our staff (Julie, Carolyn, Louise and Myranda) did a fantastic job shopping and organizing the gifts for the three children. The ladies then celebrated their successful shopping with dinner together at CJs on the doctors’ dime. Ha!  Thank you to all, for your support in our efforts this year.

You may also have seen our “12 babies of Christmas” posts on our social media for the month of December. Aren’t we so lucky to get to look after so many families in our community? And aren’t the babies lucky to get a healthy start to their young lives.  

More holiday news… 

On Monday, December 19th, our staff enjoyed our holiday party together at Warrior Axe Throwing!                Dr. Johnston and Carleigh (a dangerous duo as many of you know) spearheaded this operation. Julie, with her former life as a military operative (she tells us she translated morse code, but we think she was a spy) had excellent aim, and Myranda rocked her christmas dress while throwing sharp objects (very on brand for her). Carolyn was our underdog of the night, telling us that she didn’t know how to throw an axe: Carolyn ended up placing second in our tournament, so Carleigh thought Carolyn was likely hustling us. Ha!                                        Dr. Hubbel was there mostly to supervise his rambunctious co-workers. Carleigh, Karen and both Drs Johnston and Leguard all had good power but medium aim. Our tournament champion was Louise – we think she had a little extra oomph this year in getting her frustrations out from guiding a teenage son and renovating a house.  We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful team, and that we all enjoy each other’s presence every day.

Setting Intentions for 2023 

As you all likely know, a big part of growth is setting goals and being intentional about how you spend your time and energy. In our office, we value personal, professional, and clinic growth, so that we can all be the best versions of ourselves to serve our community. 

One of the ways that we focus our growth is by using a “Word of the Year”. The idea is based on the book “One Word That Will Change Your Life”, by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon, but it has been popularized by many in the health and wellness sphere, such as Gretchen Rubin, an author who discusses happiness, habits and human nature (one of Dr. Leguard’s personal favourite authors!). 

Each of us picks our personal word of the year. Last year’s words included “transform”, “be-you-tiful”, “intentional”, “serenity”, “confidence”, “open” and “blossom”. We will report back on our words in February. We also pick a word for our clinic. We are thinking about using a word that represents feeling “settled” and “putting down our roots” to grow after so much change. If you have any suggestions for us, we would really appreciate hearing them. 

If you have any New Year’s resolutions or a word of the year you would like to share with us please let us know! Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023!