This year, we thought  we’d reflect together on some of our favourite parts of the year. Of course, getting to care for everyone in our practice community is always a highlight, but we thought we’d share a few others: 

Julie – Gaining 2 new roommates. One furry one and one less furry  (Reggie the cat and Julie’s wonderful boyfriend, Ron.) You pick which one is which. Ha!

Louise – After living in their trailer until mid December last year, she and her family are all moved in and comfortable in her new home. At work, one of the best things Louise did with her work friends was the Mud Girl Run. Being a breast cancer survivor, it was something close to her heart that we did as a team. 

Myranda – Going to Dallas in March with her Mom and brother Brayden, where Brayden underwent the initial phases of treatment for Lafora Disease, a seizure disorder. Myranda got to meet the people who are trying to make a difference for her brother, in fighting to cure Lafora in kids. Myranda also notes that 2022 has been a huge year of self-development for her. 

Karen – A toss up between the Mud Run and her new great grandson Rhodes… but Rhodes wins! 

Carleigh – Found the Mud Girl race was a great kick starter to get back to some balance in her life (mom-work-human balance). Ha! Starting to work for her husband’s film production company has been a challenge and exciting for her too. Most recently, getting back to playing hockey has been a great energy boost and friendly reminder that she’s not getting any younger – to use it or lose it! 

Carolyn – Big wedding:   Her daughter Caleigh, marrying husband Kyle. Dr. Hubbel would also like to note that a big highlight for Carolyn this year was to spend more time in the office with all of us. 

Dr. Leguard – Feeling more “settled” in her career and life. Taking the time for the next few years to make fitness, travel and her career priorities. Meeting her really nice boyfriend. 

Dr. Johnston – Enjoyed all of the traveling that she and her family did together, and spending time together as a family. Highlights included the girls traveling on airplanes, exploring Canada and Myrtle Beach.

Dr. Hubbel – Has experienced an exciting year, as he learns to share everything with his two younger doctors and learning to follow directions… instead of giving them.  Change is good, right?

A few other updates…In November, we got to celebrate two special days – Carleigh’s daughter Delores (DJ) turned 3, and Julie’s mom turned 90! Dr. Johnston’s youngest, Isla, turns 2 on December 2!

Dental hygienist Dee-Ann Yorki, who shares space with us, is moving on in her career. She is closing her private practice and transitioning to work with Dr. Lai in Cobourg. Don’t worry – we will be making good use of the new space. A few more office renos will take place, creating another treatment room, consultation room, and doctor’s office in our existing space. We know that we have renovated a lot this year… and will certainly continue into the new year!