As we continue into fall, we notice an increase in COVID and colds in our community. With this in mind we ask that you please reschedule your appointment if you feel under the weather, or wear a mask if you are just getting over a cold. Our staff and doctors are continuing to wear masks in our clinic, as we want to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. We are lucky to be able to see so many patients every day – but this also puts us at a hig her risk of catching something without a mask on! 

In very exciting news, the one year office anniversaries of both Myranda Leclerc (November 19) and Louise Calnan (November 5). We are so lucky to have such wonderful additions to our team that have fit into our clinic environment so well. Like our other staff, both Myranda and Louise go above and beyond in so many ways to make our office a wonderful place for patients and team.


Last month, our staff worked with the Rotary Club of Cobourg to plant 100 trees in the James Cockburn (Rotary) Park. Along with about 75 volunteers, our team helped in this initiative which was part of the Rotary Club’s 100th Anniversary Celebrations. This 100 year anniversary was initially planned for 2021, but was delayed due to COVID.

Both the little and big humans of our office celebrated halloween at the end of the month, and we thought that we’d share a few photo highlights.