You may have noticed a few new changes in our office, and a new smiling face. Please join us in welcoming Louise Calnan to our team! Louise will be working at the front desk with Julie to help keep everything running as smoothly as possible.   

Louise and her family have been long standing patients of the clinic. She joined usat the beginning of the month and will be a great addition to our team at the front desk. Louise and her husband and son are currently building a home, for the fourth time, in Northumberland County. She enjoys staying active, reading and of course running her son, Cody, around everywhere he needs to go. We hear he is learning to drive so if you see her hair standing on end that is probably why! Please give Louise a warm welcome next time you’re in the office. 

You no doubt have noticed one smiling face in our office is absent right now. Carolyn is currently on a leave of absence and will re-join us soon. Although we miss her tremendously, we will struggle on without her! 
As the weather gets cooler (and wetter), please remember to take off your shoes inside the front door. With Activator testing, our doctors touch your feet during treatment, and we cannot test accurately when shoes are wet, snowy or muddy. The rule of thumb is that if your shoes are dry and clean, you can keep them on during treatment. If they are wet or questionably dirty, they must come off. Thanks.

From the archives… 

Here is Dr. Hubbel treating Ainsley Leguard with the future  Dr. Leguard smiling in the front at the old office on Third Street. This photo was taken around 2000, so Dr. Leguard was about four years old, and Ainsley was about two. 

You can see that the lessons started early for Dr. Leguard. We know many of our long-term patients remember when Dr. Hubbel and Dr. Leguard looked like this!