There will be road closures at the corner of D’Arcy and Elgin Streets from April 28th until the middle of May. The closures relate to the building of the new affordable housing developments in that area. Please keep that in mind as you make the trek to our office!

You should feel extra safe in our office after April 29th, as our entire office staff and doctors upgraded    our First Aid and CPR/AED course. The doctors are required to keep this certification in order to maintain their registration and good standing as chiropractors, but we felt that it was important that our entire team be certified and knowledgeable to keep themselves and others safe. 

A keen eye may also notice our fancy new wall mounted computers in each of the treatment rooms. These state of the art devices are an ergonomic improvement for our team, but also make it easier for us to access patient files and charts with the tap of a finger and maintain excellent records!

The Province of Ontario has extended the face mask requirements for health clinics, so we will be continuing to require all patients, staff and doctors to be wearing masks in our office. Thank you for your help in keeping our team and patients safe! 

Our team is participating in the “MudGirl Run” on June 25, 2022 at Dagmar Ski Resort. The MudGirl Run is an obstacle race dedicated to women, in which we will maneuver a 5 kilometer course with obstacles such as “everest”, “mud mountain”, “mega pipes”, the “cargo pyramid” and “cliff hanger”. Dr. Hubbel may be acting as our coach and supervising all activities. Our team will be dressed in matching uniform shirts courtesy of Busy Bee Sign Co. 

Not only will the MudGirl run be a wonderful team building event for us, but it is also a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you would like to support our team, please ask us for more information.  We welcome your participation and encouragement. 

Thanks for noticing our repainting, as the office is almost completely ‘touched up’.  Myranda gets all the credit for that project, but she had lots of advice from the rest of us!Another exciting day coming up in May is of course Mother’s Day, this year on Sunday May 8. Do you have your plans made to spoil mom? If not, there is still time. Look to the next page for some helpful mom related stretches!