July is here! With the return of Cobourg’s Waterfront Festival for the first time in three years, and the sun shining, we know that everyone is in for a busy month. Of note, Dr. Leguard’s one-year office anniversary is July 6th.  

Our June 25th Mud Run adventure went very well, with our group finishing the race, sticking together and having a blast the entire time. As many of you may have guessed, Myranda certainly got the muddiest, Dr. Johnston swore the most, Julie complained the least, and Karen surprised us all with her strength. Carleigh awarded herself “biggest complainer” although we all know that’s not true! Louise and Dr. Leguard had the most team spirit… and Dr. Leguard didn’t get a sunburn! She definitely put on extra sunscreen in order to prove our patients wrong though, ha! Dr. Hubbel attended the race as our official team coach and photographer with his wife Joan. A very successful day, and the “Good Palpations” team will certainly be entering again next year.

As we are constantly working to improve our office and make your visit with us the most enjoyable as it can be, a few points should be addressed. We would like to remind patients to please pay and rebook at the front desk after their time with the doctors, as well calling the front desk team early with any appointment changes. With these two simple reminders, the flow in our office will significantly improve.

You may also notice our beautiful floral arrangements arriving monthly… Those are courtesy of Quinn’s Blooms and Greeneries, as a six-month subscription we bid on at Cornerstone’s International Women’s day silent auction.  

As a final note, each of our staff members (with the exception of the littlest fish, Dr. Leguard) are taking some vacation time this summer, so you may see a few people covering different roles throughout the next few months. We expect no disruptions in your care as our amazing team is very adaptable.

A Successful Waterfront Weekend

Dr. Johnston had a very busy weekend at the Waterfront Festival, as she worked with the Rotary Club of Cobourg to organize all the vendors for the Rotary tents. She spent 45 hours at the festival on the July 1st weekend, but it was well worth it because it was a huge success, and the Rotary Club raised a lot of money for our community! How does she do it all!? 

Drs. Johnston and Leguard found our sponsorship sign in the Rotary tents, and had to pose for a pic. Notice Dr. J in her official gear and walkie talkie and Dr. L with her shopping bags. Ha!