In our office, we are continuing our annual traditions in personal-development. We choose a “word of the year”. The purpose of a “word of the year” is to refine our resolutions and goals into a single theme. Our personal, health, financial goals, all fit within one category. Once we choose our “one word”, it can help guide us into our new year and towards reaching such goals. It works well. You could try this too!

We use the book “One Word that Will Change Your Life” by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page, as well as podcasts such as “The Happier Cast” with Gretchen Reuben to guide our word of the year. The six areas of your life that your word will affect include: Physical, relational/social, spiritual, mental, career and financial. When choosing your word, think about how it fits into each of these categories.

For example, last year, Dr. Leguard’s word was “UPGRADE”. She was finishing her final year of chiropractic college, joining her grandpa and Dr. Johnston in her dream practice, and moved into her new house. Although she knew that a lot of these things were upcoming, her word “UPGRADE” helped her to focus on her goals and make the year one of her best. 

We also choose a word of the year for our chiropractic practice, together. This year, we’ve chosen the word “INTENTIONAL”. To us, this word means that with every minute of patient interaction, we are focused on what each patient truly needs. It means that when we are calling patients to check in or book an appointment, we are being specific in giving patients the best care we can. It means that when we are marketing, planning, or taking new courses this year, we do so with our greater goal in mind – to help as many patients as possible in the best way that we can. 

Have you ever had a “word of the year” before? Do you think that you’d like to use one? Ask our team what their word of the year is and why. We are excited to share this with you all. 

Back to regularly scheduled programming now. In office news: Dr. Johnston’s daughter Alexandria just turned 4.  We hopefully are getting new office floors installed this month, and driveway salt is still the bane of Dr. Hubbel’s existence. Please remember to take off your wet shoes near the front door, so nobody gets wet feet.  We are still providing surgical masks at the front door to switch out for your cloth masks which we understand are not quite so effective.