Happy August! Since we had so much fun in our Mud Run, our staff has decided that participation in local, active, fundraisers is something we love to do as a team. Our two upcoming events include Cornerstone’s “Walk a Mile” on October 1st, and Ed’s House’s “Hike, Bike and Bark for Hospice” concluding on September 10th. If you would like to sponsor our team, or If you know of any other community events that you think we would love, please let us know. We will have a handy contribution jar available for your support….if you wish.


As the summer continues, our staff’s summer vacation continues. So again, you may see a few people covering different roles throughout the next few months. We expect no disruptions in your care as our amazing team is very adaptable.

Dr. Johnston’s girls are enjoying summer with a few highlights including time at the cottage, blueberry picking, and a trip to Thunder Bay. Alexandria is set to start JK this fall. Carleigh’s kids are having fun this summer too, with Roger having a blast at day camp. Karen is thriving in her great-grandma duties. Dr. Hubbel is keeping everyone in line, as per usual. We are also very excited to welcome one of our beloved team members, Carolyn, back into the office in a more regular capacity. 

A well-known secret in our clinic is that we do offer emergency weekend care. If you are hurting on Saturday or Sunday, our doctors will sometimes offer to come in to treat you on the weekend. There are a few rules of the road for this: 1. Please call the office and leave a message on the answering machine BEFORE 9:00 am. Our doctors check the messages at 9:01 and will call you back so they can provide your care and get on with their weekend too. 2. We are not able to accept new patients on the weekend, only existing patients. 3. Dr Hubbel has been offering emergency weekend care for his whole career, and it is something that both    Dr Johnston and Dr Leguard want to continue and it can happen if our patients call only when they really need us. We have found over the years that patients really appreciate this and very seldom take advantage of us.