August is here, and with a more “open” Ontario, many of our patients are taking summer holidays this month. We are very excited for you all, and we want you to feel your best during your time off. We have definitely been there to help you after your wild and crazy vacations in the past, but we’d like to share a few tips to ensure that you are safe and healthy before, during and after your trip. 

  1. Pack your own pillow! Especially if you struggle with neck pain and headaches, you don’t want to go away and sleep on something that your body isn’t used to, or that puts your neck in a weird position. This is one easy way to prevent headaches and neck pain while away. 
  2. Break up your car ride. Try to take a 2 minute walk break every 30-45 minutes on your drive to keep your joints lubricated and prevent postural strain on your spine. 
  3. Be cautious of what you are carrying, and how you are carrying it. Lifting things like canoes, children, or luggage can be different and awkward. Focus on keeping the load close to your body and lifting with your legs and bum. 
  4. Stay active during your vacation. We know that it seems appealing to sit in a lounge chair by the lake all day, but your body usually won’t love that. Enjoy a leisurely walk or go for a swim. You don’t need to be breaking a sweat, but your body and mind like movement. 
  5. Remember to always wear a lifejacket when on the water, whether boating, fishing, paddling, or water skiing. We want you to arrive back home safe and healthy.
  6. As always, a tune up before you go away is never a bad idea. We want you to feel like your best self while you’re away!

Have a safe, happy, healthy August!

Alexandria enjoying Cedar park with her pink waterpark gear!Isla being extra sunsafe at the beach with mom (Dr. J).The Leguard family dog, Sophie, enjoying her paddle with Dr. L.