When you live with an ongoing or chronic condition, such as arthritis, it can be difficult and painful to complete daily tasks. These tasks include using a computer mouse to running errands, but exercise therapy can ease arthritic pain.

While arthritis limits your range of motion, chiropractic care and exercise can help you keep moving. These options can help manage and alleviate arthritis-related symptoms like arthritic pain, rather than turning to surgery or prescription medication.

If discomfort limits your activity level, your muscles will begin to lose their strength. As your muscles lose strength, your range of motion declines and your pain increases. For some people, exercise-based therapy is a challenge because our initial reaction to discomfort is to stop any action that triggers pain. Pushing through discomfort and stopping when true pain is felt can ensure the exercise is healing you, rather than adding to your pain.

Saying this, exercise has an increasingly positive effect on your body, it’s important to ensure you do the right exercises for your body.

Use controlled movements to build strength and improve your range of motion. Swimming, low impact aerobics, cardio gym machines and weight-bearing exercises are good examples of controlled exercises that can help get you moving again, with less pain.

While exercise therapy helps people living with arthritis, exercise recommendations vary from person to person.  Choosing which exercises are best for you depends on your specific issues, as well as your current fitness level and strength. As chiropractors, we can evaluate your strength and flexibility, as well as screen for anything that may limit your physical ability. Ask us for our advice before you start!