June is here and we all are excited! Why you ask? Because June is Graduation month and while that is important

for many families, it is very important for us this year. Why you ask? Because Sydney Hubbel Leguard will grad-
uate as a Doctor of Chiropractic on June 18 which is a Friday. No one will be travelling to this event as it will be

a virtual affair at that time, with a more formal ceremony at Roy Thompson Hall at some later date. This is not so
good for the graduates, as it must seem like an anti-climax, but it is good for everyone else because we can attend
on-line. Not sure how many can attend on-line but if you are interested, please enquire.

Sydney is 25, and for 20 of those years she has been in school: Grade school, high school, Batchelor of Science de-
gree and now her Chiropractic degree. I expect she will not be signing up for more schooling in the near future!

That graduation will allow Sydney to apply for her Ontario licence to practise Chiropractic in Ontario. Hopefully this
will take place early in July, at which time Sydney will officially join our practice on a full time basis.
This is what she has been planning for since a very early age. It is a pretty big moment for her and I have to admit
it is a pretty big moment for Dr Hubbel.

Speaking of Dr Hubbel, you should expect to see him around for some time to come, as he is well aware that even
with these two efficient young doctors in charge, this place could not really run without him. With that in mind, he
is also well aware that there may not be room for everyone in the longer term!

Next month we will outline how the new setup will work, and who will be here when. We expect to provide even
better service to our current and future patients, as the practice is growing quickly now and we are making plans
for the future growth and excellent care you have come to expect.

Dr Johnston is adapting to a double life; one at the office and one at home. Baby Isla just turned six months, so she
and her sister Alexandria require and deserve lots of time and attention from mom and dad. It seems this schedule
provides a good mix, but we know there is sometimes not enough time to go around at the office and we are now
actively making plans to make our services more readily available. Your patience is appreciated.

Julie, Carolyn and Carleigh continue to ensure the whole place runs smoothly and Karen is in on Thursdays to keep
check on all of us. We are happy to have the perfect staff ladies and we appreciate them.

Please continue to call early for your appointments. Also it is now even more important to arrive right on time; not
too early and definitely not late. This will avoid crowds in our reception room. All this is working great now.