Hubbel & Johnston Chiropractic

August 2021- Summer Vacation Thoughts

August is here, and with a more “open” Ontario, many of our patients are taking summer holidays this month. We are very excited for you all, and we want you to feel your best during your time off. We have definitely been there to help you after your wild and crazy vacations in the past, but we’d like to share a few tips to ensure that you are safe and healthy before, during and after your trip. 

  1. Pack your own pillow! Especially if you struggle with neck pain and headaches, you don’t want to go away and sleep on something that your body isn’t used to, or that puts your neck in a weird position. This is one easy way to prevent headaches and neck pain while away. 
  2. Break up your car ride. Try to take a 2 minute walk break every 30-45 minutes on your drive to keep your joints lubricated and prevent postural strain on your spine. 
  3. Be cautious of what you are carrying, and how you are carrying it. Lifting things like canoes, children, or luggage can be different and awkward. Focus on keeping the load close to your body and lifting with your legs and bum. 
  4. Stay active during your vacation. We know that it seems appealing to sit in a lounge chair by the lake all day, but your body usually won’t love that. Enjoy a leisurely walk or go for a swim. You don’t need to be breaking a sweat, but your body and mind like movement. 
  5. Remember to always wear a lifejacket when on the water, whether boating, fishing, paddling, or water skiing. We want you to arrive back home safe and healthy.
  6. As always, a tune up before you go away is never a bad idea. We want you to feel like your best self while you’re away!

Have a safe, happy, healthy August!

Alexandria enjoying Cedar park with her pink waterpark gear!Isla being extra sunsafe at the beach with mom (Dr. J).The Leguard family dog, Sophie, enjoying her paddle with Dr. L. 

August 2021- Updates

Happy August! Another exciting month in our office as we start to settle into having THREE doctors in the office. We’ve had many questions regarding how our doctors are working together- Drs. Hubbel, Johnston and Leguard all treat patients the same way, and patients are able to see the doctors interchangeably. If you previously saw Dr. Johnston, and you see Dr. Leguard for a few visits or vice versa, that is no problem. Our doctors don’t take your “switch” personally, we are trying to provide you all with the most availability in terms of when our doctors are in the office. 

Dr. Leguard is growing her practice quickly. She is accepting new patients in our office, as well as treating existing patients of the practice. Dr. Johnston is busy both at home and at the office, and loves balancing her role as a mom with her role at our clinic. 

Dr. Hubbel is starting to hand off some jobs (begrudgingly) to the other doctors such as window washing. Keep your eyes peeled for the potential streaks caused by Dr. Leguard’s new work. On a more serious note, Dr. Hubbel is still enjoying his practice on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to treat his existing patients. 

August is also a big month of anniversaries in our office. Carolyn’s 2 year anniversary at our office was on July 26th, Julie’s 1 year anniversary is August 4th, and Carleigh’s 1 year anniversary is August 12th. We are so thankful to have such an amazing team that makes every day at our office run smoothly, efficiently and in such a positive way. It is also Dr. Hubbel’s 63rd wedding anniversary on August 23 this year. Can you believe that Joan has put up with him for THAT long?! 

You may have also noticed from the whiteboard updates in the office that we are participating in the Big Canada Run. This virtual cross-Canada event is a fundraiser for CHEO (a children’s hospital in Ottawa) and requires members of a team to log their runs and walks on an app. Each member’s respective activity is combined and tracked on a map as we virtually travel through Canada together, from Victoria BC to the coast of Newfoundland. Team members for Hubbel & Johnston Chiropractic include: Karen, Carleigh, Carolyn, Julie, Debra (Hubbel) Leguard, Ainsley Leguard, Chloe Leguard, Dr. Johnston and Dr. Leguard. The event runs from July 1st of this year to June 30, 2022. We’ve logged 1219.4 kms so far in 34 days!

July 2021- Motion is Lotion

When you live with an ongoing or chronic condition, such as arthritis, it can be difficult and painful to complete daily tasks. These tasks include using a computer mouse to running errands, but exercise therapy can ease arthritic pain.

While arthritis limits your range of motion, chiropractic care and exercise can help you keep moving. These options can help manage and alleviate arthritis-related symptoms like arthritic pain, rather than turning to surgery or prescription medication.

If discomfort limits your activity level, your muscles will begin to lose their strength. As your muscles lose strength, your range of motion declines and your pain increases. For some people, exercise-based therapy is a challenge because our initial reaction to discomfort is to stop any action that triggers pain. Pushing through discomfort and stopping when true pain is felt can ensure the exercise is healing you, rather than adding to your pain.

Saying this, exercise has an increasingly positive effect on your body, it’s important to ensure you do the right exercises for your body.

Use controlled movements to build strength and improve your range of motion. Swimming, low impact aerobics, cardio gym machines and weight-bearing exercises are good examples of controlled exercises that can help get you moving again, with less pain.

While exercise therapy helps people living with arthritis, exercise recommendations vary from person to person.  Choosing which exercises are best for you depends on your specific issues, as well as your current fitness level and strength. As chiropractors, we can evaluate your strength and flexibility, as well as screen for anything that may limit your physical ability. Ask us for our advice before you start!

July 2021- Updates

July is another very exciting month for us as the NEW Dr. Hubbel is here!

Dr. Sydney Hubbel Leguard has OFFICIALLY joined our practice on a full-time basis. She goes by Dr. Hubbel Leguard in writing, but you can call her Dr. Leguard in the office to avoid any confusion with the original Dr. Hubbel. 

We know many of you have been following Dr. Leguard’s journey to become a chiropractor, but for those of you who are new around here, we’ll give you the quick version… 

Dr. Leguard is Dr. Hubbel’s oldest granddaughter, and spent much of her childhood following Dr. Hubbel around in the old office on Third Street. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic, just like grandpa. She attended CDCI West high school, then went on to earn her Bachelor in Health Science in Kinesiology from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (now called Ontario Tech University). From there, she gained early acceptance to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, where she graduated this spring, Magna Cum Laude with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She has been working closely with both Drs. Hubbel and Johnston for the past 5 months in order to be able to provide excellent care to our existing and new patients. 

Growing up in Cobourg, Dr. Leguard was involved in many things in her community. She is certainly a familiar face around the office, and she is thrilled to be back home providing chiropractic care to her community. 

Dr. Leguard will be in the office Monday 9-12 and 2-5 pm, Tuesday 8-12 pm, Wednesday 2-5pm, Thursday 8-12 and 2-5 pm, and Fridays 9-12pm for the next month. She is excited to be welcoming new patients to her care, treating patients using Activator Methods and manual chiropractic treatments. 

The original Dr. Hubbel is keeping busy treating patients on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, as well as helping Dr. Leguard settle into her new role. He does not like to be called the OLD, so instead call him the ORIGINAL. Ha! 

When Dr. Johnston is not at our office providing care to her wonderful patients, she is at home with her now 7 month old daughter Isla and 3 year old daughter Alexandria. Both girls are enjoying the summer months with their new bouncy castle. Isla is starting to try to keep up with Alexandria, which means that Dr. Johnston has her hands full! 

Julie, Carolyn and Carleigh continue to ensure that the whole office runs smoothly. Karen is here on Thursdays to keep an eye on the whole operation. We are so lucky to have such an amazing team and we appreciate them so much. 

June 2021- Why do we…

Now that you have an update on what’s going on with everyone in our office, we thought we would discuss what goes on in the treatment rooms when you’re lying down on the tables. Some patients ask us what we are looking at or for and how we can see what needs to be adjusted. Some patients ask us about the adjusting shoes that get put on their feet and others just stay quiet and don’t ask much. We love when you ask questions! This helps you understand your body and what we are doing and how an adjustment helps your body heal and stay as healthy as possible!

Let’s dive in… First thing that happens, as you know, is you get onto the adjusting table. Carleigh or Carolyn will help you get on the table by slowly lowering the table with you leaning against it. This is the best kind of adjusting table as it allows you to get on the table without any strain to your body. Your spine remains in a neutral position and you will find you can get on and off the table without any pain. You can tell Carleigh and Carolyn how you are feeling and have a nice rest on the table which helps your body relax before the doctor comes in for your adjustment. Having a relaxed body will help you accept the adjustment and allow the body to hold the adjustment the best it can. 

Next, we may put “adjusting shoes” on your feet, if you’re not wearing tight fitting shoes with a heel box or back strap. In the nice weather you do not have to remove your own shoes and most are just perfect to keep on while getting adjusted, unless they are flip flops. A good solid heel and base helps us check your leg lengths and compare left to right. If your legs appear to be different lengths this tells us something is out of alignment in your body. 

We always start checking your body from the bottom up… Feet first, then your pelvis, and up your spine from the lumbar area (low back) through the thoracic spine (mid back) up to the cervicals (neck) and the base of your head. We check in this order for a very specific reason… Your pelvis is the foundation of your spine, just like the foundation of a house, if it is twisted/tilted or out of alignment at all there is potential for the rest of the spine and body to get out of whack. This is why when you come in with a headache or neck pain we will still start checking and adjusting at your pelvis and low back. Don’t worry! We will always get up to the area of concern and make sure we have checked and cleared everything before you get up off the table. 

Once we have checked the full spine we will move to the ribs, shoulders, arms, hips, knees and feet as needed. Some patients are not aware we can help with hips/knees/feet and shoulders/elbows/hands. The activator is the perfect tool for the small bones of your arms and legs and our doctors are experts in adjusting with the Activator. 

We hope this helps explain what we do in the treatment rooms with you! Like we said before we LOVE questions and hope to be able to explain as much as possible to you. 

June 2021- Updates

June is here and we all are excited! Why you ask? Because June is Graduation month and while that is important

for many families, it is very important for us this year. Why you ask? Because Sydney Hubbel Leguard will grad-
uate as a Doctor of Chiropractic on June 18 which is a Friday. No one will be travelling to this event as it will be

a virtual affair at that time, with a more formal ceremony at Roy Thompson Hall at some later date. This is not so
good for the graduates, as it must seem like an anti-climax, but it is good for everyone else because we can attend
on-line. Not sure how many can attend on-line but if you are interested, please enquire.

Sydney is 25, and for 20 of those years she has been in school: Grade school, high school, Batchelor of Science de-
gree and now her Chiropractic degree. I expect she will not be signing up for more schooling in the near future!

That graduation will allow Sydney to apply for her Ontario licence to practise Chiropractic in Ontario. Hopefully this
will take place early in July, at which time Sydney will officially join our practice on a full time basis.
This is what she has been planning for since a very early age. It is a pretty big moment for her and I have to admit
it is a pretty big moment for Dr Hubbel.

Speaking of Dr Hubbel, you should expect to see him around for some time to come, as he is well aware that even
with these two efficient young doctors in charge, this place could not really run without him. With that in mind, he
is also well aware that there may not be room for everyone in the longer term!

Next month we will outline how the new setup will work, and who will be here when. We expect to provide even
better service to our current and future patients, as the practice is growing quickly now and we are making plans
for the future growth and excellent care you have come to expect.

Dr Johnston is adapting to a double life; one at the office and one at home. Baby Isla just turned six months, so she
and her sister Alexandria require and deserve lots of time and attention from mom and dad. It seems this schedule
provides a good mix, but we know there is sometimes not enough time to go around at the office and we are now
actively making plans to make our services more readily available. Your patience is appreciated.

Julie, Carolyn and Carleigh continue to ensure the whole place runs smoothly and Karen is in on Thursdays to keep
check on all of us. We are happy to have the perfect staff ladies and we appreciate them.

Please continue to call early for your appointments. Also it is now even more important to arrive right on time; not
too early and definitely not late. This will avoid crowds in our reception room. All this is working great now.